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English Toffee

How can I order a box of Old Fashioned English Toffee?
Just click on the order button and decide what size and how many boxes of toffee you would like and your order will be shipped immediately.

Where does Z Best ship to?
Z-Best ships their Old Fashioned English Toffee anywhere in the contiguous United States.

Can I get the recipe for Old Fashioned English Toffee?
Sorry, the recipe for Z-Best Old Fashioned English Toffee is a family secret.

Is the toffee available year round?
No, the toffee is only available during the holiday season (November 1 through March 1). Click here to receive an email when toffee season starts.

How should I store my toffee?
The toffee is best if it's kept frozen or refrigerated.

What's the difference between Z-Best Old Fashioned English Toffee and toffee I can buy year round?
Because Z-Best only makes Old Fashioned English Toffee during the winter months, the customer is always guaranteed a fresh delicious treat.

Is there a price break for large quantity orders of toffee?
Yes, the price break begins at orders of 10 or more boxes of Old Fashioned English Toffee. Click on the order button to get a cost break down.

Can I be notified when Z-Best starts to make toffee again next season?

Yes, click here to receive an email notification when toffee season starts.

Click Here to be notified when toffee season starts!
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